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Fathers and Sons Adventure

What have we done before?

During the May half-term week in the past few years we have run a ‘father and sons’ sea kayaking week. In both cases we were approached by one of the fathers, looking for a unique experience for him and his friends, to share together with their teenage sons ‘before they became too cool to hang around with Dad!’

The father organising the trips had spent time with us before, one as the Headmaster of a secondary school bringing a course to us later in summer, and the other, a veteran of a couple of adult sea kayaking weeks here some five years previous.

A mix of skills, an expedition, some nights wild camping in remote coves with a driftwood fire and Atlantic horizon sunsets, the other nights spent at the Adventure School with the comfort of a wood burning stove and hearty home cooked meals, and preferring to share the experience exclusively with their own party and our small staff team.

Who else could a week like this be for?

Mothers and daughters, mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, or any conceivable combination! Equally it could be an extended family team, with aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends. All we ask is that you come with a group of 10 or more, and in that way, the experience can be yours alone.

In order to make an expedition of it we would suggest that the younger members of the group be at least 14 years old. We can include younger children (10 years old+), but it would alter the extent to which we could explore.

Does it have to be just sea kayaking?

We can include other elements to the adventure, more nights camping or more nights in, days spent walking in the mountains, short sessions of rock climbing and abseiling, or a night surviving alone on an uninhabited island. It will all be based around the mountains and coast - is our year round home - providing a truly wild environment, that we know like the ‘back of our hand’.


Typically we are able to offer these trips during the May half-term week, or the end of the Easter or Summer holidays depending on availability, but do enquire if you have something in mind.

"The return to Somerset was painful, I did not want our trip to end. Today was a continuation of the glorious weather we had been having all week in the north-west.

The boys slept the whole way, and the dads were lost in thoughts and memories of the adventures we had with you at Ardmore.

We had a fantastic time seeing places and wildlife we would have never thought possible. Please pass on our warmest thanks to all members of the team at Ardmore.

Thank you again for the most wonderful experience."