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Wild day in the mountains

The Blue team on the summit of Arkle

York House School

Wild day in the mountains

Double summit success for all

Monday September 9th 2019

The boys and girls head to bed tonight after a superb effort on Arkle today, rightly proud of their achievements. Mountain day is not supposed to be easy, but to challenge each child at some point, whether it be mentally or physically, and a great opportunity to learn what they are really capable of. It is not common nowadays to expect a young person to set about the same task for 8+ hours, simply to walk, with their friends, to the top of a mountain and back down again.

This York House Year 8 team have done just that and in great spirit. It was an eerie start from Lone this morning, packing tents down with the surrounding mountains shrouded in mist and cloud and eating breakfast in the bothy.

The Blues set of with Rich and the Reds with Matt and Katie, picking their way as two separate teams up the open south east facing slopes of the mountain and into the cloud, a new experience for many. There is a stream that tumbles down the mountain and the teams followed the line of the stream, beyond its source, to the first summit.

From here there is a short descent and then a crescent shaped ridge that sweeps around to the second (and higher) summit. The Reds were at the very top shortly after 1.30pm with the Blues hot on their heels. With both summits in the bag the teams retraced their route back to the first summit and descended along the edge of the escarpment that overlooks the glen between Arkle and Ben Stack.

12km, a total of 980m of height gain and 8+ hours on the mountain. A superb effort from the year group who were quite rightly in great spirits as we sat down for supper back at the Adventure School. A new challenge for most, undertaken and completed in great style.

We have put a few photos up on our Instagram and Facebook pages of the first few days. More will follow.