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Great day in the mountains

The Red Deer approaching the second summit

Westbourne School

Great day in the mountains

as all teams reach both summits of Arkle

Monday June 26th 2017

The campers were woken shortly before 7am to pack up and take the tents down before a hot breakfast prepared in the old stone stables close to where the pupils had pitched their tents.

The four teams set off at 8.30am picking different routes up the initial slopes of the mountain with their instructors. High level cloud kept the sun away but it was really mild early on. It takes about three hours to reach the first summit, and there are no paths to speak of, just picking a ‘route of least resistance’ along stream lines, over exposed bedrock and patches of grass and heather.

A crescent shaped ridge, which narrows in places, links the first and second summits and takes about an hour to tackle.

It was a perfect weather day, enough high level cloud to keep the temperature sensible but still give us great views in all directions, and no real wind to speak of at all.

Many strong individual and team performances on the mountain today! It is designed to be challenging!

Yesterday was spent rock climbing and abseiling for half of the day, and looking at the fire and food elements of the survival skills that will be needed on Wednesday. Limpets and winkles received mixed reviews but everyone loved the damper bread, made in a mess tin and cooked around a stick over embers.

Despite some tired legs the team are all on good form. More news to follow tomorrow.