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Mountain conquered, ready for Survival Island

6 Day Summer Camp (2)

Mountain conquered, ready for Survival Island

Wednesday August 15th 2012

The weather was perfect for our ascent of Arkle today, spells of sunshine and a good breeze to keep the team cool as they climbed the open south-east slopes to the first summit. Navigation was fairly straightforward in the clear visibility but with no path on the mountain at all the team were free to choose the most exciting and adventurous line they could. On these early slopes it meant climbing the through a stream system that cascades over little rocky waterfalls and through rock pools.

The photo above shows the boys picking their way along the narrow ridge that links the first summit with the higher north west summit, which opens up the views out across the Atlantic to the Outer Hebrides.

We returned to the Adventure School in the mid afternoon for a swim and some sea fishing after supper. There has been a lot of fishing chat from the 'Jamies' and now was their chance to prove it.

Recent mackerel gluts at Ardmore seemed a distant memory. However, fishing beneath the cliffs of survival island on mirror calm seas, with an epic ocean sunset is, I hope, a memory that will stay with the team for years to come.

Today has been a slightly slower pace in preparation for the teams afternoon departure for survival island. A raft build and race filled the morning and then this afternoon we took to the boats again, hauling in our lobster pots and stopping at Ardmore to see John's Atlantic rowing boat.

Strong winds are forecast overnight so the team will be lashing down old yacht sails with hazel spars, hoping not to be blown away!!