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Kayaking in stormy seas

Winter at Ardmore

Kayaking in stormy seas

Morning paddling in February

Monday February 7th 2011

By Mark

The storms that lashed the west coast of Scotland last week are long gone and Loch A Chadh-Fi has been calm for the last few days. A few curlews are flying about but they will soon be gone.

Out at Ardmore Point the Atlantic is still very much alive. I paddled out this morning and you could feel the swell even in the gap between Paddies Isle and Ardmore. The swell, a latent effect of wind and pressure systems passing over the sea was sending white water high up the rocks at the mouth of Loch Laxford.

In between the bigger sets I was able to take a couple of quick photos. You should be able to see Handa Island from here but it was only visible at the top of the swell.

It was at exactly this spot where in May last year, on a sea kayaking holiday with a family team, we had sat in complete calm, with clear blue skies and amazing water clarity, watching seals swim beneath our boats and surface between us for a better look.

Stormy seas and an ominous sky give a completely different experience, common in February, reminding me why we wait until the end of April before the season starts at the Adventure School.

We now have dates for sea kayaking long weekends from early May through to September, six day sea kayaking holidays and courses and walking and multi-activity holidays, all for adults.