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Autumn takes hold

Autumn at Ardmore

Autumn takes hold

Thursday October 4th 2012

We've had enough rain over the last few weeks to compensate for the dry and warm summer just passed. The rain has moved on and left sunny days with light winds. The lowering sun picks out the oranges and browns of the bracken and heather as the landscape morphs towards autumn.

Curlews are back, a certain sign of the change of season, with their distinctive calls echoing across the loch.

The summer season of 2012 now seems a distant memory and we are catching up with jobs inside when wet and outside when the weather lets us.

Last weeks poor weather has driven the deer down off the mountains and a couple of 'hinds' (female red deer) are routinely found lounging on the short cropped grass in front of the Adventure School, as if waiting to go sea kayaking!