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Winter at Ardmore

Winter update

Only otters break the ice for a morning swim

Wednesday January 30th 2013

Otters seem to elude us for much of the summer, so much so that we'd rather not tell the groups that come to us that they are about... "just difficult to spot". But during the winter its another matter and we routinely see them playing in the seaweed along the shore line just yards from the house. Rebecca filmed this particular otter over the course of a couple of days from the balcony of the Beach House.

In just a few months time the 2013 season will be upon us and the otters will be replaced by 11-17 year olds, swimming before breakfast.

We have found ourselves between fast moving storm fronts over the past few weeks. Everything lashed down and work restricted to office preparations for the coming season.

We'll be welcoming two new schools this summer for their first taste of the 'Ardmore experience' and the summer camps for independent young people are filling fast. As is often the case with the 14 day summer camp we have young people coming from all over Europe, some to experience the adventures that their parents, aunts and uncles had here with JRAS in the 70's and 80's.