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Sea kayaking days in the far north-west

May Half Term

Sea kayaking days in the far north-west

Beautiful weather greets a slower paced week with days of sea kayaking at Ardmore

Wednesday May 29th 2013

After the buzz and excitement of the Hornsby House Year 6's last week, the May Half term for many of the English schools has given this week a calmer pace.

We were joined by old friends at the start of the week, staying in the crofts at Ardmore, for a couple of days of sea kayaking, a foray to Sandwood Bay, and an afternoon at the climbing crag. A chance for the youngest member of the family to share in her brothers and sisters experiences at Ardmore!

The rest of the week has seen couples and families join us for days of sea kayaking, enjoying the calm, warm weather of the last few days to learn and build on existing skills and tour around into Loch Laxford, spotting seals, guillemots, the odd lone puffin off course from Handa Island and an elusive otter.

Today's teams have enjoyed some of the best weather of the season so far, and the forecast is looking settled well into next week, when Kingshott School will join us from far flung Hertfordshire!