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Amazing weather in the far north-west

Seagulls escort the boat

Spring is here and the season approaches

Amazing weather in the far north-west

Ardmore and Loch A Chadh-Fi come alive

Tuesday March 22nd 2011

By Mark

We have had a couple of the best weather days of the year in the last week. Loch A Chadh-Fi like a mirror and clear blue skies above.

The moon has been the closer to the earth than it has ever been before and the equinoctal tides under the full moon has given rise to fabulous night skies and has exposed parts of the shore covered for much of the year.

A Chadh-Fi Island is becoming more active by the day, with the usual mix of herring and black backed gulls, and oyster catchers who spend much of the time being pushed to the shoreline by their bigger and dominant neighbours.

From early June we will be able to sea kayak past with the schools that come to us and see the chicks growing up in their natural and intended environment. They don't seem phased by the approach of boats and you can observe at far closer quarters than you could ever hope to if aproaching on foot.

The adult gulls, ever on the look out for an easy meal escort our boat to and fro across the loch in the hope of a few peeling or scraps.