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Beautiful beach day

Ready for the tug o' war

Kingshott School

Beautiful beach day

Survivors return from the Island in good fettle

Friday June 7th 2013

Its been a busy week of great adventures and last night was no exception. A perfect night for the Year 6 team on Survival Island with warm evening sun, a light breeze and only the occasional passing midge in the wooded part of the island.

Most of the children decided to build their camps high on the island, to get the best of the views. A handful of satellite camps were established and fires lit, food shared out and cooked before crawling into their shelters. Without the direct influence of teachers or instructors it was up to the pupils to make their own decisions, share ideas, come up with a plan, accept compromises and come together as a team. Far harder than the hard skills of building a shelter and cooking on a fire and the pupils made a superb effort of it all.

Today was a chance to relax and reflect, play games and 'chill' out (swimming) at the beach. Great weather again to reward the pupils for all their effort this week. They've been great fun to work with and wish them all the best for the rest of term.