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Year 8 ace Survival Island despite soggy weather

The 'Blue Moons' departing for Survival Island

Heath Mount School

Year 8 ace Survival Island despite soggy weather

Thursday June 13th 2013

The first four days of wall to wall sunshine was bound to break at some point and we woke on Wednesday to grey skies but a dry start.

The teams were out on Wednesday, competing between Reds and Blues on 'Search to Survive', a wilderness orienteering course where the pupils have their first chance to operate independently. The teams were also competing in the 'Raft Build and Race' with ever/over enthusiastic teachers fully involved, constructing rafts from wooden spars and mussel farm barrels and racing them on the sea loch.

The Scotch Mist came in mid afternoon just as we were departing for Survival Island. Such a capable team took it all in their stride and worked quickly and well to build a number of good and large shelters on the Island, build and light a fire (no easy task) and cook their meagre survival food supplies.

Bright faces at the 7am survival picnic shone through the grey and misty morning. With a poor forecast we changed our plans and stayed at the Adventure School today to settle the competition between the Reds and Blues, rather than spend a wet day on the beach.

All are well and in high spirits.