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Brambletye arrive to a blue sky day!


Brambletye arrive to a blue sky day!

Monday June 17th 2013

It has been a glorious sunny day here at Ardmore, perfect for an early afternoon swim for the Year 8 team. Our horizon pool has been warming gently in the summer sun over the last few weeks but there were still a good number of squawks from the ‘Red Snappers’ and ‘Red Arrows’ as they took to the water.

It takes a while for the wetsuits to adjust and then the water is really pleasant. The teams were jumping from the raft in the middle of the loch with a collection of ‘bombs’, ‘flips’ and the local speciality ‘the salmon leap’.

I’m not sure that the Blue teams (the ‘Whales’ and the ‘Moons’) knew quite what was going on whilst checking kit and learning to pitch the tents but it was their turn soon enough.

Macaroni cheese and chocolate cake for supper tonight and then a walk to the peak above the Adventure School. Sweeping views of this incredible landscape that will be theirs to explore over the week… and the first sight of ‘survival island’ out in Loch Laxford.

More news will follow here across the next few days, and Mr Miller has a great blog with lots of pictures that can be accessed from the Brambletye homepage.