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Sea kayaking, survival skills and a wild camp

Mr Miller leading the armada across Loch A Chadh-Fi


Sea kayaking, survival skills and a wild camp

Busy days at the Adventure School

Tuesday June 18th 2013

It started grey and overcast up here in the far northwest. The pupils set off for their morning run shortly after Mr Miller’s 7am wake up call. Just a short jog along the shore to get the blood flowing before breakfast.

The day was split in two with the ‘Reds’ taking to the water in sea kayaks this morning, while the ‘Blues’ worked on the vital survival skills that they will need for Survival Island on Thursday evening.

Calm waters gave great scope this morning for the teams to explore Loch A Chadh-Fi, learning and developing new skills, spotting jelly fish, sea urchins, herring gull chicks and making a circumnavigation of A Chadh-Fi island. As the skies cleared this afternoon the breeze picked up and the ‘Blue’ sea kayaker leap frogged from sheltered cove to sheltered cove, battling at times against the wind, and surfing back with it later.

Survival teams learned to use the hazel spars and old sails to build shelters, what they can use for tinder and kindling, to light fires on the shore with striking flints, and how to cook a basic bread dough and bog myrtle tea on the fires.

After supper we left for a wild camp spot at the foot of Arkle, the mountain that the team will climb tomorrow. Menacing clouds came to nothing and when I left the pupils, teachers and instructors this evening all the tents had been pitched amongst the cotton grass, roll mats and sleeping bags were being set out, a warm evening sun lit the scene, and Mr Miller could be spotted iPhone aloft, desperately searching for a 3G signal!!