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Year 8 summit Arkle!

Some of the 'Blue Whales' on the final ridge to the summit earlier today


Year 8 summit Arkle!

Wednesday June 19th 2013

A grey day with a steady breeze and occasional bursts of sunshine today. Ideal really for a big day out on the mountains.

Working in their four teams the pupils set off from our bothy camp after breakfast, each team taking their own route up the first part of the mountain. There are no paths and as you climb higher, moss, grass and heather give way to exposed slabs of rock and easy scree.

From the first summit a ridge drops down to the col and curves its way back up and around to the second and higher summit. About half way between the two summits the ridge narrows to an easy scramble which the pupils handled well with the necessary care and attention for themselves and their peers.

Its not an easy day and its not designed to be. Its designed to stretch the pupils, some physically and some mentally, to work them as a team, encouraging and looking out for each other. The teams did a great job, reaching the second summit by lunchtime.

Rock climbing and abseiling, lobster creels and a trip across to loch to Ardmore to see the 1966 Atlantic rowing boat tomorrow… Oh and a quadrathlon of running, walking, blindfold kayaking and swimming before breakfast tomorrow!

The pupils will be out on Survival Island tomorrow night. All are well, but a little sleepy this evening after a couple of nights of high spirits.