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Rock climbing, rowing boats, lobster creels and the Island

Starfish pulled from the depths by the 'Blue Whales' team


Rock climbing, rowing boats, lobster creels and the Island

Thursday June 20th 2013

Another busy day at the Adventure School.

We had a four stage event before breakfast this morning with each of the pupils taking part in a run, a walk (spiced up with carrying water in leaky tubes), a blindfolded kayak and a swim. The 'Reds' took three out of four events, all part of the 'Olimpets' competition!

After breakfast the Reds and Blues went their separate ways, the Blues to the climbing crag and the Reds across to Ardmore in boats to see Rebecca's father, John, and his 1966 Atlantic rowing boat, and pull up their lobster creels.

The teams swapped around at lunchtime. Both the Reds and the Blues pulled in a lobster, and assorted shore crabs, hermit crabs, whelks and starfish!

Latest news this evening from Survival Island is that the teams have formed several little camps, fires are lit and food is on the go, with spirits high despite the grey skies and occasional drizzle.

Survival breakfast tomorrow and then off to the beach to relax and unwind.