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Survivors return from the Island for beach day

York House School

Survivors return from the Island for beach day

Thursday June 27th 2013

It was a good but cool night out on survival island for the York House leavers. They have excelled themselves all week with a really bright and enthusiastic approach to everything we have done together and it was clear that the excitement of survival island had been building for some time.

The first task was to search the island for caches of kit that they had earned earlier in the day on ‘search to survive’ (the orienteering course), and then to establish camps and cook any rations they could find.

Three little camps were established on different parts of the island, the food shared (almost equally) and fires lit for the night. It is great to observe the pupils from a distance, making decisions for themselves, and filling the void that is left by the teachers and instructors. The pupils really rose to the challenge!

We left the island at 7am this morning, after differing amounts of sleep, for a cooked breakfast of eggy bread, sausage and beans.

The beach at Oldshoremore was our plan today, relaxing on the golden sands, beach games and a lengthy body boarding session in the surf rolling onto the beach.

We have really enjoyed having the boys here this week, a spirited performance from all and we wish them well for the next big step in September.