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Survivors return after a fantastic night

S. Anselm's

Survivors return after a fantastic night

Pupils do themselves proud with a great performance on the island

Thursday July 4th 2013

The pupils returned in boats from Survival Island at about 7am this morning with big smiles but bleary eyes. A good nights sleep doesn’t form part of the Survival Island brief, as the boys and girls enjoyed the long summer evening and one of the final nights as a year group together.

Last night the team of 40 split into a variety of camps spread all over the island but all came together to cook and eat around the same fire, each bringing their own contributions of wood to keep the blaze going.

We have just returned from beach day, a chance to relax and unwind after a full on week of great adventures! A dry day with the occasional burst of warm sunshine but with the dramatic backdrop of angry seas. Lots of games and the deciding event in the 'Olimpets', the tug 'o' war.... I'll let the pupils tell you who won.

Its been a pleasure to have the S. Anselm's Leavers here again, such a bright, enthusiastic and able bunch of young people. We wish them all well for their big move in September and hope that they will remember the way in which they calmly and effectively overcame the challenges that we have put in their path this week.