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Mountain conquered!

6 Day Summer Camp

Mountain conquered!

Great views from the second summit

Monday August 12th 2013

The team left our remote base camp just after 9am this morning and picked their way up the open SE slopes of Arkle following the line of a stream that tumbles over little waterfalls and down water worn chutes. Its possible to hop around the pools and clamber up the steps in the stream gaining height quickly.

At higher levels the stream is buried beneath rocks and all that is visible is a dry stream bed. At this point the team headed into the cloud which was hanging at about 600m for much of the morning.

The first summit comes at the end of a flat plateau of finely graded rocks that have settled over time to create a lunar like landscape. Beyond this a narrowing ridge drops, curves and then rises to the second summit with a bit of careful hand and foot work required.

The team were on the second summit by 1pm for lunch and, taking a different route down, were back at the old stone bothy (ruined cottage) by 4pm. A big day… but it is designed to be challenging.

The weather was far better today than the grey and slightly damp day we had yesterday for rock climbing and survival skills. The cloud had cleared on the second summit and the team had been greeted with fantastic views out across the Atlantic as a reward for their efforts.

The forecast is calm for sea kayaking!

All the team are well and in good spirits. I left them this evening in the midst of a table football tournament, news on the winning pair tomorrow!