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Sea kayaking with salmon and seals

Alice and Jemima lead the team across Loch Laxford

6 Day Summer Camp

Sea kayaking with salmon and seals

Tuesday August 13th 2013

The team have spent today sea kayaking and, with almost all of them having kayaked or canoed before we took our lunches with us and headed out of Loch A Chadh-Fi into the larger Loch Laxford.

We paddled out past ‘Survival Island’ and up to a small rocky cove half way between Ardmore and the open Atlantic coast. With a bit more exposure we had the slight rise and fall of a gentle swell the rolled us across the loch to the far side, and the salmon farms at Foindle and Fanagmore.

From here some returned back to the School with Ozzy, Alice, Toby, Jemima and Luke opting for a longer return route where we could see seals basking in the broken afternoon sunshine.