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The team head for Survival Island

6 Day Summer Camp

The team head for Survival Island

Lobsters caught and rafts raced

Wednesday August 14th 2013

A busy day on the sea loch today. The team headed out this morning in assault boats to pull up the lobster creels that they had baited earlier in the week. Lobsters are scarce here at the best of times and even more so in the late summer so the team were pleasantly surprised to pull a couple up amongst the usual haul of shore crabs, spider crabs, starfish and whelks.

In the afternoon Reds competed against Blues in a raft build and race, using wooden spars, ropes and mooring barrels to build rafts on the shore, and then race them out on Loch A Chadh-Fi.

After high tea at the Adventure School it was back to the boats as the young people headed out to Survival Island. The beautiful weather of this afternoon has broken a little with some evening rain, but the team have a smoky fire going to cook fish, bread and a simple soup.