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Hornsby House are here!

Hazel delivers cake for the birthday boy!

Hornsby House 2014

Hornsby House are here!

Saturday May 17th 2014

The team arrived shortly after 5.30pm swapping a sunny Balham for an 'atmospheric' Ardmore in the far north-west Highlands. A rainy afternoon but no damp spirits.

Macaroni cheese and birthday cake for supper tonight followed by a walk to a high point above the Adventure School in their teams. A first glimpse of Ben Stack, the mountain that the Reds will climb on Monday and the Blues on Tuesday, and of course Survival Island.

A bit of everything going on tomorrow, some will sea kayak, some climb, some boat to collect lobster creels, fire and food training and much more. We are running six teams this week. The three blue teams are the Mountains, Niles and Eyes and the Red teams are the Flags, Buses and Hot Chilli Peppers - names courtesy of Mr Gerry.

Scattered showers in the forecast tomorrow, but calm for the water based teams. Monday and Tuesday looking like nice weather for camping and the mountain ascents.

The team are all well, great to see the school here again for its seventh year!