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Survival night

Some of the team earlier this evening with their shelter

Hornsby House 2014

Survival night

Wednesday May 21st 2014

It rained for much of the day today, but it was not sufficient to put a stop to the final 'fire and food' survival training and for two of the teams to head out in boats to pull up their lobster creels. The Blue 'Eyes' hauled up three lobsters, matching the Blue 'Mountains' earlier in the week. Not a great day for rock climbing though so a lower level and drier alternative was made for the Red 'Buses' and Blue 'Mountains'.

Hot soup accompanied the team's packed lunches today and after lunch we spent some time on the John Muir award diaries before packing for survival and having a final piece of cake before departure. The rained slowed through the afternoon and as the teams boarded the boats it wasn't much more than drizzle. However, with a strong northerly wind forecast for early tomorrow morning hampering the use of boats to and from survival island, the pupils are, tonight, out surviving on a remote peninsula rather than the island itself. It still meant a boat trip out, but tomorrow we will simply walk over the hill and back to the Adventure School for breakfast.

The pupils have worked worked brilliantly, building shelters in their teams, all teams lighting fires to cook their survival rations and are now tucked up under canvas and old yacht sails for the night.