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Survivors return from the island

Kingshott School 2014

Survivors return from the island

Thursday June 5th 2014

It couldn’t have been a better evening for ‘survival island’ yesterday. The teams left the adventure school in boats at about 5pm, with sunshine and a nice breeze on their side, landing on the island for the brief.

After that it was over to them to create their own experience without the direct input of instructors or teachers. The pupils scoured the island for equipment stashes and good spots to build their camps, lit fires to cook on and prepared what food they could find.

It is great to see them working freely and on their own initiative in this environment, having learned a lot of skills over the past few days.

The girls camp was a haven of calm on a flat terrace of grass with views across the sea towards Ben Stack, with good shelters built and tasks well shared amongst the team.

The boys set up two camps, with a bit more noise and initial chaos than the girls, but with the same end result!

Our three principles of self-reliance, positive thinking and leaving people and places better than you found them stood the pupils in good stead for their night.

It began to rain, albeit lightly, in the early hours of this morning but the shelters were good and the team left the island in good spirits for a survivor’s breakfast of beans, sausage and eggy bread.

It was grey and overcast at the beach but that didn’t put anyone off. We had a small team body boarding and swimming, and after yesterdays competitive raft build and race and lobster creels it came down to the tug ‘o’ war to settle the winners of the ‘Olimpets’ trophy. A triumph for the Red team this year!

An early start tomorrow to get everyone back down to Hitchin. Thank you Kingshott! Another Year 6 team full of character, enthusiasm and fun, who have adapted well to the new environment and taken all of the challenges in their stride.