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Team ace survival island!

Awaiting their final brief after landing on 'survival island'

Heath Mount 2014

Team ace survival island!

Survivors return

Thursday June 12th 2014

Just a short news page update this morning. The Year 8 leavers left the island on boats this morning shortly after 7am having pulled off a fantastic display of team work last night.

The boys pooled resources into one large camp on a terrace high on the island, with the girls setting two camps on the far side of the valley. There was a really positive vibe out their last night, with everybody getting stuck into the tasks that needed to be completed. Shelters were up quickly, fires lit and the meagre survival rations cooked. There are always little niggles and differences of opinions in this environment without the leadership of instructors or teachers (sometimes for the first time), but these were quickly overcome within the group and the whole experience has been overwhelmingly positive.

Great to see bright faces on the boats this morning as we headed back for survivor breakfast (sausages, baked beans and eggy bread).

Off to the beach today and the weather looks good. Rest, relax and reflect!