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The team are on survival island

Red Snappers crack the code on 'search to survive'!

Brambletye 2014

The team are on survival island

A good day rock climbing and 'search to survive'

Thursday June 19th 2014

A busy day today, and greeted by sunshine again for the first time in a few days. The Reds and Blues competed in the Athlon before breakfast today, a four stage event including a run, walking with water tubes, a blindfolded kayak and a swim.

After breakfast the Blue Whales took on the Red Snappers at the rock climbing crag, scoring points for tying knots, belaying each other, attempting and completing climbs. With five climbs and an abseil their was plenty to do, and plenty of points to rack up for the team!

Meanwhile the Blue Moons took on the Red Arrows out on the 'search to survive' (orienteering) course. Two square kilometres of open and wild land studded with rocky outcrops and hill lochans, and 17 markers for the little squads of two or three to find with the help of maps. Answers found help to decode an ammo crate containing more limpets for their Olimpets scoreboard.

After lunch out on the hill the teams swapped over, returning to the Adventure School at about 4pm for bread and jam, a cup of tea and some of Hazel's epic carrot cake. Then to the boats, and departure for survival island. A test of everything the pupils have learned this week, and a chance for them to put the three principles (self reliance, positive thinking and leaving people and places better than you found them) into action without the input and direction of teachers or instructors.

Early indications from our instructors observing the team on the island are that shelters have been built in good time and the girls have a fire going with the boys not far behind. They'll return from the island tomorrow in time for a cooked breakfast and then a day to relax, reflect and play at the beach.