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Survivors return for a blue sky beach day

Concert and ceilidh in the warm evening sunshine

Highfield School 2014

Survivors return for a blue sky beach day

and a beautiful final evening at the Adventure School

Thursday July 10th 2014

We picked the team up from Survival Island at 7am this morning after a really successful night. Clear skies, a light breeze and cracking views all help but the pupils still have to put all the skills that they have learned together, to steer their group, establish camps, build, light and cook on fires, and provide the direction that so often is the role of their teachers or instructors. A real test of self-reliance! The Year 7’s (or are they now Year 8’s??) pupils excelled, establishing a number of smaller camps, sharing the supplies and working brilliantly together!

After a cooked breakfast of eggy bread, sausages and baked beans, we set off to the beach at Oldshoremore. A remote and beautiful mile-long strip of golden sand – a chance to relax, reflect and enjoy some swimming, body boarding and beach games with their friends before the journey hope tomorrow.

This evening we had a small concert on the sheiling, an old summer pasture just along the shore from the Adventure School. There was a short piece from each of the four teams, and a bit of Scottish ceilidh dancing too.

The pupils have really embraced the challenges that we had put to them this week and its been a real pleasure to have Highfield here again.