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Open coastline sea kayaking

The team at sea in kayaks on the open Atlantic coast

10 Day Young Leaders Summer Camp 2014

Open coastline sea kayaking

Team leading and performing well in tricky weather

Thursday August 14th 2014

The tail end of Hurricane Bertha caused a few problems early on for the 10 day Young Leaders Camp. Torrential rain the night (and all of the night!) before the team arrived at Ardmore on Monday, has kept us out of the mountains, with rivers and burns in spate to a level that we rarely ever see in the winter, let alone in mid-August!

High river levels can’t however keep us off the sea and we have re-jigged our plans with a biase towards sea kayaking over the first few days. The winds are relatively light but there is a big residual swell making for some really exciting and demanding kayaking out at the mouth of Loch Laxford. The first few days have been building skills so that the young people can be pretty much self-sufficient when it comes to the final expedition phases, when they will lead themselves, both on land and on the water.

It’s a strong bunch of young people, most of whom have graduated on from the 14-day Expedition Camp in either 2012 or 2013.