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Survivors return

The Red Carpets team on the summit of Ben Stack, way back on Monday.

Hornsby House

Survivors return

A great effort despite some wet and windy weather

Thursday May 21st 2015

Its the end of a busy week with much achieved by all.

With strong winds forecast for Thursday morning we decided to put the pupils onto the Ardbeg peninsula for their survival night. No less a challenge than the island, but easier to get them home to the Adventure School.

The pupils worked in small teams to search the peninsula for kit stashes that they could use to build shelters to sleep in, light fires for food and warmth and to cook foraged foods and supply drop rations. Much of the afternoon and evening was dry and it was only when the pupils started to settle into their shelters that the drizzle started. Overnight the rain was heavier but the shelters were well built with heavy tarpaulins, yacht sails and bivvy sheets.
It is great to be able to observe the boys and girls making their own decisions and judgments in this environment with our three principles of self reliance, positive thinking and leaving people and places better than you find them really coming to the fore!

Everyone was back and sitting down for Survivors breakfast by 9 o’clock. With further rain in the forecast we opted not to go to the beach today, in favour of some time at the School, concert prep, singing practice and John Muir award diaries amongst team reviews and kit packing.

The pupils have performed brilliantly this week and should be rightly proud of what they have achieved.