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Rowing boat, creels and shelter building

Team work in action bringing empty lobster creels ashore


Rowing boat, creels and shelter building

Another dry and sunny day as the team head for survival island

Wednesday June 3rd 2015

As we write this entry all forty Year 6 pupils are getting to grips with Survival Island. It is the culmination of the week’s work, everything they have learned here put into action – making their own decisions and exercising their own judgment to survive overnight on an uninhabited island without the input of teachers or instructors.

They landed on the island at about 5pm and will return tomorrow morning at 7am for hot showers and a cooked breakfast before we head to the beach.

It has been a dry day with plenty of sunshine and a stiff breeze. The teams have been across the loch at Ardmore to see John Ridgway’s 1966 Atlantic rowing boat and hear the story of the voyage from Rebecca. Lots of questions from the pupils, which is great!

We picked up lobster creels on our return and despite a lack of lobsters there were plenty of shore, spider and brown crabs, some sea urchins, and the Red Arrows hauled in over 70 giant whelks!!

We’ve also filled any remaining gaps in the survival skills that teams had not already completed so far. All the pupils have been fully focused and ‘on task’ today which is just what is needed to make this evenings challenge on the island work for them.

A chance to relax and reflect on the beach at Oldshoremore together, maybe a bit of swimming and body boarding, and a Reds v Blues tug of war to settle the Olimpets competition.