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Our week draws to an end at the beach

Collecting the creel catch yesterday

Heath Mount

Our week draws to an end at the beach

Fantastic display of team work on Survival Island

Thursday June 11th 2015

The pupils returned from Survival Island at 7am this morning. They have risen to the challenge with great enthusiasm and maturity and had perfect weather for it. After being dropped off on the island shortly before 5pm yesterday they simply got on with the tasks required; building shelters, lighting fires and cooking their meager rations. No help or guidance required – completely self-reliant.

After a hearty cooked breakfast of sausage, beans and eggy bread the team went to the beach. A chance to relax and reflect on their busy week. There was a good bit of surf running on the golden sands of Oldshoremore beach and we spent time swimming, body boarding and playing cricket and volleyball.

The team will have an early start tomorrow morning for their return home to Hertfordshire.

It has been a real pleasure to have the Year 8’s here this week, they have been great fun, always jolly and enthusiastic and have exceeded our expectations of them at every stage. We wish them well for the rest of term their next step to senior school.