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Outstanding effort on Survival Island

The Leavers team on this beach late this afternoon


Outstanding effort on Survival Island

Return for cooked breakfast and beach day!

Friday June 19th 2015

We took the team off Survival Island this morning shortly after 7am. They had blitzed it - a fantastic show of team work - fragmenting into small groups initially but then coming back together - moving all their shelters to one terrace high on the island around a central fire, cooking damper and winkles and singing songs as a leavers year group all together. We could not have asked for or expected more - no outside input - completely self-reliant.

After a cooked breakfast and review we headed to the beach at Oldshoremore to relax and reflect before the team head home tomorrow. Cricket on the beach, volleyball, ultimate frizbee, some swimming and body boarding and an ‘Olimpet’ deciding tug of war.

The clouds parted for much of the day and we were treated to some well deserved sunshine before more ominous skies rolled in off the Atlantic at the end of our afternoon.

The team have been great, always cheery, really committed and fun to be with. We wish them well in the final weeks at Brambletye and for the next step to their senior schools.