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Sun comes out for beach day

York House School

Sun comes out for beach day

Superb effort by the boys out on survival island last night

Thursday June 25th 2015

You could see from the tired but jubilant faces of the boys as we picked them up from the island that they had had a great experience together. Its not always easy to organise themselves, agree on what needs to be done, search the island and then set too to build shelters and light fires. However, the boys seemed to take it all in their stride and showed great spirit as a team.

A cooked breakfast of eggy bread, sausages and beans was the reward for all their hard work. A great effort, not just last night but all week.

It seemed only fitting to head to the beach where the weather came up trumps and the boys enjoyed their final time here together. Football, cricket and swimming were the order of the day and the ‘Olimpets’ competition was rounded off with the dizzy derby and tug of war on the beach.

Its been a pleasure having the York House boys here again this week and we wish them all well with their new schools in September.