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Survivors return for breakfast and beach day!

On the beach at Oldshoremore


Survivors return for breakfast and beach day!

Wednesday July 1st 2015

We picked the team up from Survival Island shortly after 7am this morning. Sleepy eyes and sleepy heads soon perked up in the assault boats on the journey back to the Adventure School with stories of the night. The search for the supply drops, the potatoes and carrots that had been cooked and eaten with winkles and damper (a basic flour and water dough cooked on sticks), how the fires had been kept going during a short sharp downpour, and the beautiful view of a full moon rising over Arkle (the mountain that the pupils had climbed only a couple of days ago).

After survival breakfast of bacon, beans and eggy bread the team packed up to head off to the beach. Great weather for the main part, with calm seas and warm sunshine – enough for some to swim without wetsuits and the others with but thankfully not the full south of England heat wave temperatures!! Beach games included the dizzy derby and tug o war with volleyball and plenty of swimming.

A good nights sleep for all tonight with raft racing and lobster creels tomorrow, as well as seeing the wooden rowing boat used by Rebecca’s father, John, in his epic 1966 North Atlantic crossing and her own 1992 Cape Horn Expedition sea kayak.