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‘Search to Survive’ and shelter building

High spirits, ready for supper

Highfield School

‘Search to Survive’ and shelter building

Rain doesn’t stop play

Tuesday July 7th 2015

We started before breakfast with a four stage event – Reds v Blues. There was a running event, a walking event carrying leaky tubes of water, a kayaking event and a swim. The Blues edged it this morning winning three of the four.

Porridge, cereals and a cooked breakfast of sausages and fried egg went down well after that!

Today the teams have been in competition mode out on ‘Search to Survive’; a wilderness orienteering challenge which gives the pupils an opportunity to work in small squads together, making real decisions and judgments without the direct guidance of instructors. It’s a key step towards survival island! Amongst their team of 10 they split into squads of three or four to search for posts that hold the code to unlocking an ammo crate releasing a prize and ‘Olimpets’ for the Reds v Blue ‘Olimpets’ competition. It is great to see the little squads off on different hill tops around the course and making key decisions for themselves. They certain rise to the challenge!

The rain has certainly added to that challenge. It hasn’t been particularly cold, just wet and quite windy but the pupils have shown great strength of character and cracked on regardless.

We have also been shelter building, looking at the types of shelters that they might be able to construct on survival island with simple tarps and wooden spars.

Lots of singing from the kitchen duty team this evening – spirits are high and better weather is forecast for tomorrow but not quite back up to the temperatures that we enjoyed yesterday.