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A perfect night on survival island

Shelters built and food on the go on survival island

Kingshott School

A perfect night on survival island

Friday June 10th 2011

It couldn't have been a better night for survival island, light winds and clear skies. The tasks of building a shelter, lighting a fire and cooking some wild foods and basic provisions are fairly straightforward on their own, but on the island, without direct instruction or leadership from adults (just a watchful eye from our staff team), it is a real test of teamwork.

The Kingshott pupils did a great job forming three little camps on different parts of the island. We came off the island for a cooked breakfast before a relaxing day at the beach. Swimming, boogey boarding and beach games in the sunshine, a super way to round off the week.

Mr Mannall was the star of this evenings concert with a sketch of our busy week boiled down into a couple of hilarious minutes. No doubt the team will return home tomorrow with many stories.