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Team return from mountain training expedition

Preparation for night navigation in the bothy at Lone

10 Day Young Leaders Course

Team return from mountain training expedition

Night navigation and two substantial mountains over two days

Friday August 7th 2015

The team returned this afternoon from their mountain training phase. We have been focussing on detailed navigation and route choice in the mountains, combining some clear visibility macro scale navigation with finer detailed micro navigation at night. The team summited Meallan Liath Coire Mhic Dughaill and its subsidiary tops on Thursday, camped in a beautifully remote spot high above Glen Golly and Strath Dionard, summited Cranstackie today and returned to the Adventure School by unconventional means.

Tonight’s shepherds pie and apple crumble did not last long on the plates and after tomorrows cooked breakfast the team embark on the sea kayaking and water based phases of their expedition training. They will be bivvying out on a remote shingle beach tomorrow night and back at the Adventure School again on Sunday evening.

The team are all well and in good spirits! Great to see a mix of familiar faces from previous courses and new faces all keen for the challenge.