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Sea kayaking, lobster pots and mackerel fishing


Sea kayaking, lobster pots and mackerel fishing

and a beach day before survival island

Wednesday August 26th 2015

Tuesday was a day on the sea. The Reds went sea kayaking in the morning with Bradley, Max and Georgia. All in their own craft and split into small pods they travelled around Loch A Chadh-Fi learning skills, playing games and flinging seaweed with a bit of wildlife spotting too.

Meanwhile the Blues set out in the assault boats to pull in their lobster creels, stopping in at Ardmore to see John Ridgway’s 1966 Atlantic rowing boat and Rebecca’s 1992 Cape Horn sea kayak and to hear from Rebecca about those two epic voyages. We dangled a few handlines too catching mackerel for survival island.

After lunch the Reds and Blues swapped over for the afternoon.

With the wind coming and going and a bit of rain in the forecast for tonight we have delayed the survival island night to Thursday. So today we headed to the white sandy beach at Oldshoremore for swimming, beach games and a chance to recharge the batteries before what will be a fairly manic day tomorrow. Rock climbing and abseiling, search to survive and then out onto survival island!!

We had the usual Thursday night concert tonight too, with all four teams putting together songs and a dance about the week and performing in front of the group. The kids have been really up for this all week and there have been frenzied rehearsals at any spare moment. There was a wetsuit putting on race and some ceilidh dancing too.