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Mountaineers return

Traversing the summit ridge through the cloud high on Arkle today


Mountaineers return

Monday August 31st 2015

On Sunday the boys started off with ‘Search to Survive’, a wilderness orienteering course working unaccompanied in small teams of three or four to locate wooden posts with clues on them out on the remote Ardbeg peninsula. In their little squads they plotted the location of the posts onto enlarged 1:25,000 OS maps before heading out to collect the clues and unlock an ammo crate. Its great to see them high on the hilltops in their little squads making their own decisions.

In the afternoon we took advantage of the calmer than forecast winds to go sea kayaking. We kitted up and left from the shore in front of the Adventure School paddling out to Ardmore and circumnavigating Rat Island before heading for home. Tom G, Ali and Charlie seemed to spend as much time in the water as in their boats and there was a healthy amount of wildlife spotting and seaweed flinging for good measure.

We left after supper on Sunday evening for a wild camping spot by the stone stables at Lone, which would be our basecamp for climbing Arkle on Monday.

It turned into a pretty damp day in the mountains, with drizzle setting in from about 11am when we entered the clouds and lasting until about 2pm when we dropped out below them again. Arkle has two summits. We reached the southeast (and first summit) just before midday and stopped in our group shelters for a bite to eat. From there Will Y, Sam and Luke chose to crack on across the ridge to the second summit with Mark whilst the rest of the team dropped down to the col between the two summits and headed straight off the mountain.

Mackerel fishing was a great success this evening with a haul of over 20 between the two boats, some of which will be used for survival skills tomorrow and the rest will go with the boys to the island on Wednesday.