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Lobster creels and survival shelters

Note the overnight snow on Arkle (the mountain in the background) as we head out to pick up creels.

York House School

Lobster creels and survival shelters

Four seasons in a day; sunshine, snow, sunshine, snow, wind, snow, sunshine

Friday April 15th 2016

A gentler pace today after yesterday’s efforts on Arkle and our evening paddle. After our 7am morning run the team tucked in to porridge, cereal and a cooked breakfast of fried eggs and sausages.

After breakfast we boarded boats for the short journey along the loch to Ardmore to see the Atlantic rowing boat used by Rebecca’s father in 1966 and her own Cape Horn sea kayak, and to hear the stories of those adventures. On our return journey we stopped to lift lobster creels that had been baited and placed before the team arrived on Tuesday.

Not a prolific catch and no lobsters about at the moment be we picked out and looked at shore, spider, brown and hermit crabs and a rather feisty lesser spotted dogfish, a member of the shark family!

In the afternoon the pupils learned to build the shelters that they will need for their night on survival island tomorrow. A few useful knots, how to site shelters and the principles for building a sturdy structure with wooden spars, bivvy sheets and larger canvas tarpaulins.

Snow showers blew in and out during the day followed by sunny intervals and although only a training sessions the shelters that the boys built were well timed, and up just in time to weather the showers as they came through.

An exercise in decision making tomorrow morning out on the ‘Search to Survive’ orienteering course, and then an early afternoon departure for survival island.

The boys are all well and on good form. More news on Sunday!