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Team head for survival island

Red and Blue team swimmers in this mornings athlon

Westbourne School

Team head for survival island

rocks climbed, cliffs abseiled, orienteering conquered, rafts raced and creels lifted

Wednesday June 29th 2016

The pupils are out on Survival Island tonight, after four days of grand adventures that have built all the skills that they should need to for a successful night. There is a good breeze and after earlier drizzle it is now dry and but bit overcast, with the odd break in the cloud allowing the sun through. We’ll pick them up tomorrow for a cooked breakfast back at the Adventure School.

Earlier today, and before breakfast, the pupils competed in a four stage event including a run, a walk with leaky tubes of water, a blindfolded kayak and a swim. After breakfast the reds took on the blues at the raft build and race and then, after lunch, the teams set off in assault boats to pull in their lobster creels and see the boat that Rebecca’s father used, 50 years ago, to row across the north Atlantic. It is just a little wooden rowing boat designed for fishing close to shore, quite a eye opener for the kids!

The pupils were full of beans at tea this afternoon before heading off for the island, and if their enthusiasm and ability over the last few days is anything to go by they’ll do really well out there.