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Craigclowan team arrive in time for a swim in the loch

Craigclowan team exploring the high ground above Ardmore this afternoon

St Johns Leatherhead and Craigclowan Prep

Craigclowan team arrive in time for a swim in the loch

Swim, kit preparation and an intro walk

Saturday July 16th 2016

We have two small teams from different schools here with us this week. St Johns Leatherhead are here again with Year 9 and 10 for a mountain expedition and sea kayaking based week and Craigclowan Prep are here for the first time with a small team for a Prep School Adventure week. There will be updates here for each of the two teams across the week on different entries.


Mr Doak and his little squad of adventurers arrived in their spangly new tartan minibus at about two o’clock this afternoon. We packed the big bags into the back of our 4x4 and the pupils walked across the hills and along the shore to the Adventure School.

After a quick tour and rapid unpacking the team donned wetsuits for a swim in Loch A Chadh-Fi, swimming out to and then jumping and diving from the raft moored out on the water. ‘Salmon dives’, an Ardmore special, were the leap of choice.

After the swim, a hot shower, cup of tea and homemade biscuits, the team worked with their instructors Max and Sam to check that all their kit is appropriate for the adventures to come, before then heading to a high point to get a good view of all the places they will explore across the week to come.

The team are on good form and will be going for a run before breakfast tomorrow!!

More news will follow in due course.