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Sea kayaking journey and survival island

Red team kayakers out on the ocean at Ardmore Point

14 day Expedition Summer Camp

Sea kayaking journey and survival island

Heading to the Durness Highland Games today

Friday July 29th 2016

The Reds have been out on their sea kayaking journey today, packing up the boats and heading out from the Adventure School and into Loch Laxford to explore the coves and bays on the south side of the sea loch. Early mist and drizzle cleared at lunchtime to give some blue skies and sunshine which we haven’t seen much of for a while. The two Red teams paddled different routes out towards the ocean, with Red 2 stopping in a beautiful little cove to brew up some hot chocolate. We saw grey seals, common seals and lots of different sea birds, and experienced the bump and bounce of the open ocean before heading back.

The Blues were based from the Adventure School today and were out on our wilderness orienteering course on the high ground and hilltops around Loch A Chadh-Fi. We also headed out to pull up lobster creels from the sea loch and see the little wooden rowing boat that Rebecca’s father, John, used to row across the north Atlantic fifty years ago. Then, after a cup of tea and a piece of cake, the Blue teams headed out to Survival Island.

We’ll try and post some more photos on our Facebook page late this evening.

Durness Highland Games today!