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Stunning ascent of Arkle to end the week

High on Arkle today

Belhaven Leavers Team

Stunning ascent of Arkle to end the week

Beautiful day and record time to second summit

Thursday August 18th 2016

We usually climb a mountain early in the week, a formative experience in young peoples time with us here at Ardmore. But with beautiful sunny days and calm (and midgey) evenings we have ended up climbing Arkle as a finale rather than an opening event. The teams were brilliant today, starting off in spooky low cloud and a silvery light, we had suggested that we could be in for a cloud inversion. As so it was!

The teams picked their way up the open south east facing slopes, following an escarpment edge and a stream that flows over quartzite steps forming little waterfalls, shoots and pools. They were on a charge! The first summit was quickly reached and the narrow crescent shaped ridge that leads to the second summit was traversed with a new fastest time set!

The summit day has capped off a great week with a really enthusiastic (except for drying up?!) team who have jumped into all the challenges and adventures with both feet, loved the swimming (at any opportunity) and been a real pleasure to have here.

We wish them well with the next big adventure as they start at new schools in the next few weeks.

We have posted lots of photos on our Facebook page which can be accessed from the icon at the head of the page