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Arkle mountain climbers return to the Adventure School

The team on the summit of Arkle earlier today

York House School

Arkle mountain climbers return to the Adventure School

Monday September 19th 2016

It was the perfect autumnal day for climbing a mountain. Cool not hot, dry not wet, a light breeze but not too windy, and beautiful light picking up the red tinge that the grass starts to turn to at this time of year.

The team woke in their tents beside the old stone stables at Lone shortly after 6.30am ready for a ‘field kitchen’ breakfast. Cereal, bread and jam, baked beans and boiled eggs.

The two teams (Red and Blue) left camp by 8.30am with their instructors, Chris and Mark, to pick their way up the open south east slopes of the mountain to the first of two summits. Arkle is a big day, starting on a stalkers vehicle track, then breaking off track over heather, grass, scree and bedrock. The Blues followed the line of a stream that forms little pools and waterfalls as it tumbles down the mountain, and the Reds followed the airy escarpment edge giving great views the whole way up.

The summit was reached just after midday! From their a narrow ridge drops to a col and then curves up and around to the second summit. It wasn’t for everyone so a couple of the boys called it a day at the first summit and picked a route down the mountain from the col with Chris and Mr Gray, followed shortly after by the team that had traversed the ridge to back the second summit.

Chilli con carne didn’t last long on the plates at supper, followed shortly after by birthday cake with ice cream and hot toffee sauce. Happy Birthday Adam!!!

It was a great effort today, with all the boys pushing the boundaries of what they thought they were capable of. That is what its about!