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Survivors return from the island

Calm and clear as the teams leave survival island this morning

Aberdeen Grammar

Survivors return from the island

Blue sky beach day

Thursday May 18th 2017

We picked the pupils up from survival island at seven o’clock this morning. Apart from some sleepy heads they were in great spirits after a resoundingly successful night on the island. We teach them the hard and the soft skills that they will need, but the outcome, and how successful they are on the island is entirely up to them.

Sausages, eggy bread and baked beans, the traditional survival breakfast, did’t last long on the plates and the porridge pot was the largest yet! After breakfast, and team reviews, we headed to the beach at Oldshoremore, a chance to relax and reflect before the journey home.

Thanks AGS, you have given yourselves a great week by the enthusiasm that you’ve shown to just roll up your sleeves and get involved.