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Hornsby House team head for survival island

Hornsby House

Hornsby House team head for survival island

Wednesday May 24th 2017

The Blues returned to the Adventure School on Tuesday afternoon after successful ascents of Ben Stack, in record times for Hornsby House teams. It was slightly more overcast for the Blues with a punchy wind and a thin veil of cloud capping the summit.

The Reds spent Tuesday doing a mix of rock climbing, sea kayaking and survival skills in preparation for the island on Wednesday night.

Today saw the kids complete the final bit of training before their night on the island. Most were looking at survival shelter building but a couple of teams were yet to rock climb and abseil, so they headed to the crag.

We had a mug of hot soup with our packed lunches and a slice of lemon cake, before starting the logistics of moving the teams out to the island. So much excitement and anticipation.

It is overcast this evening, with a good breeze and its dry too. Good conditions for the night, and as we look out across the island and speak on the radio to the instructors that are keeping an eye on them, they seem to have shelters constructed and a number of fires underway.

We’ll take them off the island from seven o’clock tomorrow morning, ready for a cooked breakfast, showers and reviews, and an afternoon on the beautiful golden sands of Oldshoremore beach.

A few more photos have been posted on our Facebook page.