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Michael Hall team head to island in superb weather

Michael Hall team head to the island

Steiner Schools Week

Michael Hall team head to island in superb weather

after lobster creeling and sea kayaking

Wednesday June 7th 2017

Tuesday’s weather forecast looked pretty daunting initially, with strong winds and heavy rain from lunchtime onwards and overnight into Wednesday. As it turned out, the wind and rain came later than expected and with less force than expected.

It gave the Michael Hall team time to spend the morning out on the remote Ardbeg peninsula undertaking an exercise that we call &rsqup;Search to Survive‘, a wilderness orienteering course where the teams work in small squads of two or three, with the aid of annotated OS maps, making their own decisions and judgments for the first time.

In the afternoon we headed for the shelter of the Adventure School and set about a number of radio communication and teamwork exercises which will help the teams on survival island.

Today was a much better weather day this morning we took to the boats, lifting lobster creels and inspecting the catch (a mix of shore, hermit, brown and velvet crabs, a small female lobster and lots of whelks, starfish and sunstars). While out in the boats we stopped at Ardmore to see John Ridgway’s 1966 Atlantic rowing boat and Rebecca’s 1992 Cape Horn Sea Kayak.

After a quick lunch we were back on the water again, this time in sea kayaks, making a circumnavigation of A Chadh-Fi island on our way around the sea loch. Herring gulls chicks have recently hatched on the island and a couple of seals have made their way in to the lower reaches of the loch too.

After a high tea including bread and jam and cake, the team left in boats again for survival island. A chance to put all they have learned into practice, operating independently of teachers and instructors, to create their own experience. It is a beautiful evening for it, with clearing skies, a light breeze, and it is set to stay dry.

They’ll return in time for breakfast tomorrow, and then off to the golden sands of Oldshoremore for a chance to rest, relax and reflect on their week as it draws to a close.