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Heath Mount arrive in the far northwest

The ‘Blue Moons’ team swimming in Loch A Chadh-Fi this afternoon

Heath Mount

Heath Mount arrive in the far northwest

Saturday June 10th 2017

The Heath Mount Year 8 Leavers arrived with us at about half past two this afternoon. We unloaded hold bags from the coach into the the 4x4 and trailer and then the pupils set off along the footpath across the hills and along the shore to get to the Adventure School.

The year group are working in four teams this week, the ‘Red Deer’, the ‘Red Snappers’, the ‘Blue Whales’, the ‘Blue Moons’. After some quick introductions and time to unpack, the Blue Whales and Red Snappers took to the sea loch, swimming from rocky beach in front of the Adventure School, out to the raft that sits in the middle of the loch. Meanwhile the other two teams were working through the contents of their day packs ready for tomorrow, and we were checking kit to make sure that the pupils are properly equipped for the adventures to come.

The teams swapped over after about an hour, with the Deer and Moons testing the water and the Whales and Snappers going through their kit.

After dinner of macaroni cheese, salads and chocolate brownie the teams set off, with their instructors, for a high point above the Adventure School. It has sweeping views across the landscape that we will explore together and the pupils can see Arkle, the mountain we’ll endeavour to climb on Monday, and survival island out in the mouth of Loch A Chadh-Fi.

The team are in great spirits and full of excitement. We plan to rock climb and abseil tomorrow, and then look at the fire and food elements of the survival skills that the pupils will need for the island later in the week.

We will be leaving for our mountain basecamp after dinner tonight so the next news update will come on Monday evening, on our return from Arkle.