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Teams now head for ‘survival island’ to put all their skills into practice

The ‘Blue Whales’ leaving Ardmore after seeing the 1966 Atlantic rowing boat

Heath Mount

Teams now head for ‘survival island’ to put all their skills into practice

Morning runs and swims, rock climbing, lobster creeling, ‘search to survive’, raft racing and then the teams head to the island to survive for the night

Wednesday June 14th 2017

Yesterday was a better day. Two teams were out rock climbing and abseiling on the rocky outcrop above the Adventure School in the morning, whilst the others were out on the water in Victoria and Argo, pulling up the creels to look at the catch, and stopping at Ardmore to see John Ridgway’s 1966 Atlantic rowing boat and Rebecca’s Cape Horn sea kayak. The teams swapped over in the afternoon, and the morning high level cloud moved away to give a beautiful sunny afternoon.

Red and Blue teams were in competition today, in a raft build and raft race out on Loch A Chadh-Fi, and on the remote Ardbeg Peninsular on an exercise that we call ‘search to survive’ before high tea and boat departures for survival island.

Four small plumes of wood smoke rise slowly from the team’s campfires on the island tonight and the distinctive white shapes of shelters constructed from old yacht sails are dotted across the island’s hillsides. Survival island is the culmination of the young people’s week here at Ardmore as this Year 8 leavers group approach the end of their time together at Heath Mount. We have had a steady group of swimmers every morning before breakfast, they have weathered the weather in the mountains. Great enthusiasm... even for eating limpets!!