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Westbourne team head for survival island

Boys in the Red Snappers team aboard Argo on the way to survival island

Westbourne School

Westbourne team head for survival island

with blue skies and stunning views this evening

Wednesday June 28th 2017

The team are on survival island tonight. It is the culmination of all the adventures that they have had with us here at Ardmore. A chance to create their own experience, making their own decisions and judgments, applying all the skills they have learnt with us to survive together overnight, without teachers or instructors to help them.

It is a beautiful evening, with blue skies, a good breeze and stunning views across to the mountains that they climbed just a few days ago. It could hardly be any better.

Since returning from the mountain on Monday afternoon they have; sea kayaked on Loch A Chadh-Fi, exploring its coves and bays, looking at wildlife, flinging seaweed and learning new skills; pulled up lobster creels from the sea bed to look at lobsters, crabs and other weird sea creatures; been to see the little wooden rowing boat that Rebecca’s father rowed across the Atlantic in 1966; orienteered together in little squads out on the wild and desolate Ardbeg peninsula and learnt to build shelters from old yacht sails and bivvy tarps. We have had plenty of morning swimmers too!

The pupils will be collected from the island tomorrow morning before breakfast and then, assuming reasonable weather, we’ll head to the beach at Oldshoremore for a chance to relax and reflect on the week.