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All go at the Adventure School

Tuesday morning sea kayak team

Highfield School

All go at the Adventure School

Sea kayaking, climbing, lobster creeling and shelter building

Wednesday July 12th 2017

Yesterday was another beautiful weather day at Ardmore with blue skies, warm sunshine and a light breeze. It was the Red’s turn to go sea kayaking today and they did so in some style. The Red Snappers were out in the morning and from the word go we taught them how to ‘self-rescue’ so that they could spend as much time in the water as in their kayaks, looked at balance skills, explored the sea loch and looked for interesting wildlife. The Red Deer were a little more sedate in the afternoon, more of a seaweed bubble popping kind of afternoon, with a bit of a journey and some splashing for good measure.

The Blues were rock climbing and abseiling on the crags that line the hilltop above the Adventure School and all teams also looked at shelter building, using hazel spars, old yacht sails and military bivvy tarps.

In the late afternoon and then again after dinner teams took to the workboats Argo and Victoria to pull up lobster creels from Loch A Chadh-Fi and Loch Laxford, studying and scoring the catch before returning it to the sea. The creeling teams also stopped in at Ardmore to see John Ridgway’ 1966 Atlantic rowing boat and Rebecca’s 1992 Cape Horn sea kayak. An action packed day!

Today we are raft building and racing and competing on the wilderness orienteering ‘search to survive’ course before a high tea at four o’clock and then departing for survival island.